Friends and Other Signs of the Apocalypse

"My name is A.P. Menzies and when I was a kid I thought I was an insignificant mass waiting to be blown away by a fiery volley of nuclear warheads."
- A.P. Menzies

  • Paying Gig
  • Counter Strike
  • Why Did You Do It Tommy Ray?
  • I Wanted To Be An Artist
  • American Fossil
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  • Counter Strike

    Nuclear drills in the night lead to random acts of love

    She whispered, receding into bomb shelters thatched from rattan

    Warped under the weight of Ford Torinos and station wagon dreams

    Her body defined by skeletons and swords with strange metallic shapes

    Three hundred kilotons of love for you honey, yeah, you there on that futon

    You are the most beautiful thing I can see here in the first strike zone

    Kerosene lip gloss with hairspray fuse

    Enough to make me poised

    Ready to explode in the face of a mushroom's wind

    MX Missile and Yuri Andropov illustration
    Why DId You Do It Tommy Ray?

    You are not the person
    With neon nunchuks and ninja stars
    It would be irresponsible for me to say
    That your future will play out like the movie Dreamscape
    Dennis Quaid is trying to save you
    But will the snakeman get you first
    I am riding on a train and my life is in danger
    Bob Blair is trying to assassinate you in your dreams
    All you gotta do is wake up


    And concentrate


    Battle erupts after talks between the Citizen Vipers and the remaiing members of the Huntington Beach Police Deaprtment break down.
    *formerly Persian Deli Gamouricach's And Wine