Friends and Other Signs of the Apocalypse

"My name is A.P. Menzies and when I was a kid I thought I was an insignificant mass waiting to be blown away by a fiery volley of nuclear warheads."
- A.P. Menzies

  • Paying Gig
  • Counter Strike
  • Why Did You Do It Tommy Ray?
  • I Wanted To Be An Artist
  • American Fossil
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  • I Wanted To Be An Artist

    You need something to fall back on.
    Fall back on that sign at the Commerce Casino position for Shoe City.

    Look at your brother-in-law, how tall is he repping sunglasses.
    Look at your brother who practices law at a desk in midtown.

    Fall back on that stock boy job in Interstate 5.
    Fall back on that busboy gig at Embassy Suites.

    There is plenty of opportunity to move up the ladder one day.
    There is a ladder in my garage to start a painting service.

    Mow my yard and pay me rent if you want to stay.
    Silverware is off limits and we hate your new girlfriend.

    Fall back on the sleeping bag with egg carton foam.
    Fall back on that used box set for The Streets of San Francisco.

    Look at her copy Lynda Carter with her textbook and marine biology.
    Look at her feet, slender arches and size-seven euro-insole.

    'Move forward passionately' was sewn in the tag in a high heel shoe.
    'You need something to fall back on,' she said.

    So we fell back on a deck of soggy wood and drifted across still water.
    'Fall back on me,' she said.

    American Fossil

    There is a dinosaur called the Postosuchus
    Found in Newport Beach, California

    Don't tell me this country doesn't kick ass
    You can sit on the couch as much as you want here

    Like cans